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One Item To Whole House

There will probably always come a time where you will have to move to another place. It can be a long and tedious process and often stressful especially when it comes to your life long treasures being transported back and forth.

At Shauns Moves We provide moving options of all kinds; one man and a ute , two men and a small truck, 2 men and a large truck, 2 trucks and four men the list goes on.. whatever you need we can provide. We are skilled in sourcing the right equipment for the job. If we don’t have it we will find it!

There is no job too big or too small! At Shauns Moves we value professionalism and we strive to make your move easier.

Elderly Moving Services

The concept of moving your loved ones into aged care or a retirement village can be difficult to digest. The transition alone is daunting not to mention the immense amount of pressure and emotions involved.

Shauns Moves are providing a service for our elderly to remove the stress of relocating to a retirement home. Whether you need help decluttering, storing, packing and moving of the family home, We understand these situations are hard and our highly trained professional packers and movers are here to help your family in making the process as painless as possible.

Here at Shauns Moves we value respect, honesty, empathy, compassion and patience. Each and everyone of our employees including myself Shaun have these values, so looking after your parents and grandparents is something we pride ourselves on.

Packing & Unpacking

Packing a house can be a daunting thing especially when you lived somewhere for a long time.

That’s why we offer a cost effective option for packing your household contents. So stress less and go for lunch or organize the kids or even just focus on getting through daily challenges while we prepare and pack your house for you!

You wont need to worry about not being able to find items that are needed straight away because we can label and pack your boxes how you want with great care to reduce your stress once you have moved to your new home.

We get you are so busy even unpacking is a stress however stress no more we got you! Offering a unpacking service and removing all the boxes is what we do! Leaving you to settle into your new home comfortably.

Here at Shauns Moves we provide Packing Services. Whether you want to hire someone to help you pack or unpack we got you covered.
Packing and unpacking services are not tied together either so you can use us for either packing your belongings only, unpacking your belongings or both. We will pack and label your boxes how you like and move them where you want.

Our professional packers and movers are highly skilled and trained, we can assure you that your valuables will be treated with the utmost respect and care. Giving you the ability to relax and get on with what matters most. You won’t need to lift a finger to pack, saving you time and energy!

At Shauns Moves we also provide packing materials such as mattress protectors, boxes, porta-robes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape and markers.

Over the years we have developed relationships with 3 small family owned storage businesses. As a family owned business ourselves we are passionate about supporting other local businesses on the Gold Coast.

If you need storage for your household goods then look no further, we can highly rate and recommend great storage facilities on the Gold Coast

Office Relocation

Office moves again can be super stressful. In most cases offices need to be moved and up and running in a short space of time to reduce downtime.

We understand this and working outside office hours is something we do to get your business up and running quickly and smoothly, whether you need to use multiple trucks, multiple men, we will bring the right equipment and of course a ‘can do attitude’ is what you will receive with Shaun Moves.

Preparation and organisation is essential in these types of moves. The process begins with the first call. You can trust our skills and experience in these situations.

Furniture Assembly or Disassembly

Don’t wake up on the morning of your move stressing about disassembly of the beds or unhooking everything. Our experienced removalists have all the tools to disassemble and reassemble your beds.

We can pull all the beds down and unhook everything, don’t worry . In these situations we offer our third man. Disassembling large items is no problem and yes we will put them back together not dump them in the room and wish you good luck . WE STAY UNTIL THE JOB IS DONE!

From Pool Tables To Pianos

Pianos and billiard tables are some of the most sensitive to manage during home or business relocations.

Moving them can be a delicate process, a specialized understanding and a clear strategy is required to ensure that no damage is done during the move.

Moving heavy bulky items such as a Pool Table or Piano is not an easy job and could be quite difficult to move especially if you’re not trained. Plus you could cause serious injury to yourself.

Professional movers know exactly the best methods to handle pianos and pool tables. Hiring an expert at Shauns Moves will also help protect your investment.

Whether you need us to move an extremely heavy Piano, Spa Tub, Pool Table, Massage Chair or any bulky and awkward to carry item- we will make sure they’re protected during transit.

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