Handy Moving Hacks

  1. Colour code boxes
    Colour code boxes with coloured tape for different rooms and make a corresponding itinerary of items to check off and refer back to so you know exactly where you have packed everything later. 
  2. Screws and bolts
    Put the screws or bolts from the dismantled furniture in a labeled zip-lock bag and tape it to the piece of furniture. 
  3. Defrost freezer
    Defrost the fridge/freezer the night before to ensure no leaking of water when moving, also after emptying food wipe out to avoid smells or mould growing later. 
  4. Tools and Essentials box
    Create a handy tool box kit for the move with things like screw drivers, drills, Allen keys etc, this will come in handy when reassembling beds and shelves. You can keep all tv remotes, cords and controls in here too for quick access when setting up electrical items. 
  5. Don’t pack things you won’t be keeping
    Don’t waste time packing things you won’t need or use again. Before packing your boxes go through your rooms, cupboards, garage etc and decide what you do and don’t need. You can even make some money by selling items you don’t want and de-clutter along the way – it’s a win win!

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